Prosthodontics is a specialty recognized by the American Dental Association. A prosthodontist not only completes his/her dental schooling but continues for three more years to receive further training and education. Prosthodontists are experts in the field of restoring missing teeth through the use of dental implants and crowns, dental bridges, and full and partial dentures. They use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to restore your smile to its natural state.

Dr. Khal Ajlouni is board-certified by the ABP, the American Board of Prosthodontics, and the only board-certified prosthodontist in Southlake. The ABP governs the discipline of prosthodontics and the certification of its prosthodontists. According to the ABP website, their mission is to certify individuals who have demonstrated special knowledge and skills in orthodontics and seeks to certify those who are committed to life-long learning and a lifetime of ethical practices as well as to the advancement of prosthodontics. Certification requires a lengthy examination, and the prosthodontist must recertify every eight years by obtaining 240 continuing education hours over the eight years to continue their proficiency in the field of prosthodontics. Their continuing education requires they attend courses, meetings, conferences, or lectures to maintain their knowledge and skill. 

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