In our last blog post, we debunked some myths about dentures. This week, our topic is how to take care of your dentures once they are placed.

  • According to Colgate, be sure your dentures don’t dry out. Place them in warm water or denture cleanser overnight or when you’re not wearing them. Hot water can cause dentures to warp, so you will want to avoid soaking them in hot water. Dentures need to stay moist to keep their shape, but you don’t want them to warp.
  • You should brush your dentures, even though they are not your natural teeth. Brushing removes food particles and plaque that can build on dentures just as they do natural teeth. Dentures can also become stained, so you will want to brush them well to keep any surface stains at bay.
  • In addition to brushing your dentures, you will want to place your dentures every morning into a clean mouth, so be sure to brush your tongue and gums before placing your dentures.
  • You will also want to continue seeing your dentist on a regular schedule who can check the denture appliance to ensure it fits properly and that the dentures are not causing you any irritation.  If your dentures are ever damaged or become loose, you will want to see your dentist right away.

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