When you have a cavity, talk with your dentist on what type of dental filling is best for you and your situation. According to the ADA, some common filling options include composite resins, or tooth-colored fillings; amalgam, which is the silver-colored fillings used by dentists for decades; or gold amalgam fillings which are also durable and long-lasting but are more expensive and do not look as natural as composite resin. A nice thing about composite resin fillings is that it can be matched to the natural color of your tooth, making it far less noticeable that you had a cavity filled.

The best choice of dental filling for your needs depends on the situation, and this should be discussed with your dentist. Metal amalgam (silver or gold) should not be disregarded as a filling, even though it looks less natural because it has its own benefits. Amalgam does not wear out as quickly as composite resin. Also, if the filling has to cover a larger surface area, composite resin may not be the best choice in this case. Amalgam can withstand the biting forces exerted on it better than composite resin for larger cavities. Amalgam generally costs less as well. 

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