Wisdom teeth are molars that erupt in the rear of the mouth. They typically come in at around age 17-21 and are part of a complete set of 32 adult teeth.

In most patients, they won’t cause any problems, but in some cases, they only partially erupt, which will cause the patient pain and possible damage to the surrounding teeth. If your dentist recommends removing your wisdom teeth due to misalignment or impaction, we can help. Under anesthesia, you will experience very little discomfort other than a bit of pressure. The wisdom teeth are removed, and you will be given complete aftercare instructions as you heal from the procedure.

If you or someone you know is experiencing problems with your wisdom teeth, we can help. Feel free to schedule a consultation with us so we can assess the situation and give you guidance and a treatment plan. We happily serve patients in the Southlake, TX, and surrounding areas.