If you have a dental crown that has come off, we know that can be a scary feeling. Crowns are designed to last, but they have been known to come off on occasion, especially when eating sticky candy such as taffy. It is best to avoid sticky candy, but if your crown does come off, here is what you should do:

First and foremost, contact your dentist. Without the crown to protect the tooth beneath it, the tooth is weak and exposed. Make an appointment to be seen right away. If you can’t get in to see the dentist the same day, your dentist will guide you on how to protect your tooth until your appointment time.

Rinse off the crown with water and place in a sealed bag, such as a sealed sandwich bag. Bring the crown with you to your appointment. If there is no damage to the crown, in most cases, it can be reattached.

Meet with your dentist. At your appointment, your dentist will determine if the crown t can be reattached or if a crown replacement is necessary.

Dr. Khal is a board-certified prosthodontist who specializes in restorations. If you or someone you know is in need of a crown or the reattachment or replacement of one, please do not hesitate to contact us. We at DaVinci Dentistry happily serve patients in Southlake, TX, and surrounding areas.