While the use of dental implant technology is the widespread standard of care for missing teeth, in many cases, it’s not a treatment that works for everyone, in every circumstance.

To determine whether you are a candidate for dental implant placement, we’ll need to assess some of the following characteristics:

  • oral health;
  • bone levels in your jaw;
  • condition of your surrounding teeth; and
  • overall health.

Even if you’re missing one or more teeth, health concerns such as diabetes, cancer and gum disease can impact the ultimate success of your dental implant.

Deciding that you may want an implant is the first step toward your new smile. To get a better idea if you actually are a candidate may require the help of a prosthodontist. Residents in Tarrant County need look no further than DaVinci Dentistry. The dentist-prosthodontist team of brothers Dr. Raed Ajlouni and Dr. Khal Ajlouni, both part-time faculty at Texas A&M College of Dentistry, is uniquely equipped to address whether a dental implant is indeed the best course of treatment. Get started today by calling 817-251-9333 or completing our online appointment request.

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