Dentistry Southlake TX | tooth extraction procedure

Tooth Extractions can make a big difference for patients with teeth that can’t be saved with restorative measures such as fillings and root canals.

It’s an important treatment option because when even a single tooth is compromised, the infection can spread to other areas of your mouth. When the immune system moves in to attack the source of the problem, inflammation can occur in your gums, and if left unchecked, what began as a simple problem can result in periodontal, or gum, disease.

Upon examining your teeth and X-rays, the family dentist team at DaVinci will discuss with you whether extraction may be the most viable solution for your dental condition.

Some conditions commonly resulting in tooth extractions include:
  1. dental trauma (can be sudden, as with a blow from an accident, or can progress over time, such as with grinding or clenching the jaw);
  2. tooth fracture (especially cracks that extend below the gum line);
  3. crowding;
  4. dental disease (can cause tooth decay and loosening of the tooth); and
  5. tooth abscesses. We understand that tooth extraction can be a source of anxiety for many patients. At DaVinci Dentistry, your family and implant dentist office in Southlake, we’ll take the time to talk to you about how to prepare for extraction and what to expect, step by step, during your procedure. We’ll also provide you with detailed instructions on a healthy post-extraction regimen and whether a dental bridge or implant might be an option for you. Not only is our goal for you to have a beautiful, healthy smile, but we want you to be as comfortable as possible throughout your entire treatment at our dental office in Southlake, TX.
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