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Teeth are some of the strongest parts of our bodies. We use them every day and for every meal, but sometimes they can sustain damage or develop an infection that requires serious dentistry, namely a root canals. In order to promote healing, the damaged part of the tooth pulp (the part of the tooth composed of cells and connective tissue) must be removed, and the area that remains must be disinfected, filled and sealed.

Some of the common conditions that may affect the pulp of the tooth, leading to the need for a root canals, include:
  • deep cavities
  • cracks/fractures in the tooth
  • trauma
  • repeated dental treatment

While no two words seem to strike fear into the hearts of dental patients more, a root canal does not have to be scary. At DaVinci Dentistry in Southlake, TX, we practice cosmetic and implant dentistry in addition to family/general dentistry, so we are experienced in lengthy dental procedures. Plus, we make sure that you are adequately anesthetized so your treatment is virtually pain free. We also offer conscious sedation to help you relax throughout the procedure.

If you need to have a root canal, we will talk to you about what to expect during your treatment, step by step, including:

  • X-rays – These indicate where the decay is located.
  • Local Anesthesia – This is typically a local anesthetic applied to the affected tooth.
  • Conscious Sedation – Sedation in which the patient remains aware of his or her person, surroundings, and conditions but without experiencing pain or anxiety.
  • Pulpectomy – This is the removal of the diseased pulp.
  • Filling – The opened roots are filled and then sealed with cement. 

We will be equally attentive during and after your procedure since we know you’ll have questions about what comes next. That’s because at DaVinci Dentistry in Southlake, TX, we’re here to help.

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